On Fox News, Clinton-Obsessed Lawyer Behind Benghazi Lawsuit Is Confronted Over His Conspiracy Theory Filled Past

Zimmerman: “The Reason This Lawsuit Has No Merit ... Is Because Of The Character Of The Person Who Is Bringing It”

From the August 9 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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TRISH REGAN (HOST): Robert Zimmerman, again, she was secretary of state, and as challenging as this all is and as difficult as it is for the families, is it not the government that needs to investigate this as opposed to a lawsuit here? 

ROBERT ZIMMERMAN: Trish, can I just make a point before we have a political discussion, that our prayers have to be offered to the families of the Benghazi victims, and we have to honor the heroic efforts of all those who passed in Benghazi, and we have to remember that first and foremost. Let me also point out in terms of addressing this lawsuit, it wasn't just Judge [Andrew] Napolitano who dismissed this lawsuit, but Greg Jarrett, a Fox News anchor, commentary today, also dismissed the merits of this lawsuit. And let's also remember in this discussion that other members of the family, and it's been well documented, other family members who were present with Mrs. Clinton remember that emotional and difficult meeting very differently. Many of them have acknowledged that the video -- the concept of a video was never discussed at these meetings. So it's very important to have all the facts on the table. And the most important fact to remember is the reason this lawsuit has no merit at all and the reason this lawsuit is nothing more than a political exploitation of a tragedy is because of the character of the person who is bringing it, Mr. Klayman. Let's be very clear about this. He has accused the Clintons of engaging in plots to murder his associates. He accused President Obama of bringing Ebola into the United States so that it would further his terror agenda

REGAN: So, you think is some personal thing? 


LARRY KLAYMAN: You know what? Why don’t you show your DNC talking points right now. Show the viewers your DNC talking points.

ZIMMERMAN: Let's remember that you were temporarily disbarred in New York for your bigoted comments about an Asian-American judge, and you are on record with bigoted comments against Jewish-Americans as well.

REGAN: All of that aside, Robert is saying  that basically you have a vendetta against the Clintons that is basically what motivated this lawsuit. Your response. 

KLAYMAN: This is typical of Hillary Clinton. He's just a shill for Hillary Clinton. I happen to be of Jewish origin myself, Robert. Robert, let me finish, okay? This is as, Hillary used to call it, the politics of personal destruction. The fact is, I'm the only lawyer ever to have a court rule that Bill Clinton committed a crime when he released the files of Kathleen Willy. Let me finish. I made no bigoted comments --

ZIMMERMAN: Were you disbarred in New York? Were you disbarred in New York temporarily or not?

KLAYMAN: I was not disbarred, that's a lie too, Robert, so, Robert, watch your language here because you just defamed me.


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