Fox News anchor defends defends Gina Haspel's record on torture: “When is it not right to follow your job's orders?” 

From the May 9 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

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JULIE BANDERAS (CO-HOST): Marc, if we were listening just a moment ago to the introduction to Gina Haspel while she got a lot of praise for her tough work against terrorists, she also -- right away you could see where this is going, right? Because they basically said to her that we expect to hear from you if you were asked by this president behind closed doors, would you go forward and continue these interrogation tactics like those under the Bush-era program, would you do so? And then they also brought up the fact that we understand that it was law back then but just because it was law doesn't mean it was right. I mean, she was the deputy to the CIA. She was following orders. When is it not right to follow your job's orders? Your job's necessities in order to get the job done, especially considering after 9/11? 

MARC THIESSEN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Yeah, Sen. [Mark] Warner set up an impossible question to answer because it's so hypothetical. If someone gave you -- if the president of the United States gave you a lawful order to carry out an intelligence operation and you didn't think it was right, would you carry it out? Well, what is the operation? What is the question? That could be drone strikes. There are probably people in the world who think -- there are people in the world who say that drone strikes against terrorists are maybe legal, but they're morally unsound. Well is she going to refuse to carry out drone strikes? What exactly -- it is incumbent on Sen. Warner to say what exactly he is talking about. She can’t answer hypothetical questions like that.


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