Fox Nation's Latest Attempt at Anti-Immigrant Fearmongering Is Full Of...

Fox Nation, not known for their respectful treatment of undocumented immigrants, has an eyebrow-raising headline up today:

Oh my! All of El Paso is littered with feces from the “illegals”? The horror! Click through to the story from KTSM, however, and you'll see that the situation isn't quite as Fox Nation presents it.

“Illegals” are not “leaving feces all over El Paso.” Rather, migrant laborers are forced to use an alley adjacent to an El Paso agricultural work center as a makeshift toilet because they are denied access to the center's bathroom facilities:

It's disgusting, unsanitary and it's going to leave you shaking your head. Migrant workers have turned a Downtown El Paso alley into a gigantic toilet.

Human urine stains the walls and feces is piled up in an alley that's just blocks away from the Convention Center and other tourist hotspots.

“If they don't let you go inside, you have to go anywhere. That's why El Paso is like that,” Roberto Miranda said.

Miranda is a migrant worker. He sleeps outside of the Farm Workers Center, like at-least one-hundred other people, and he waits for work in the early morning hours. The disgusting alley is around the corner from the center. Miranda admits the migrant workers us it as their personal toilet.

“No, nobody thinks this is sanitary,” Miranda said.

He told us the migrant workers have no choice but to use the restroom outside.

“We don't want to do that, but all the time when we want to go inside they say 'no,'” he said.

The real story is disgusting, to be sure, but not nearly as gross as the sensationalist anti-immigrant spin Fox Nation put on it.