Fox Nation v. Fox News Latino: AZ Immigration Law Ruling Edition

This morning Fox Nation and Fox News Latino once again provided dramatically different views of the same immigration news story, demonstrating the palpable tension between the two Fox websites and their audiences. The far-right, anti-immigrant Fox Nation declared the Supreme Court's ruling today on Arizona's immigration law a “defeat for Obama” because the ruling supposedly “upholds part” of the law, while Fox News Latino's headline focused on the court “strik[ing] down 3 of 4 provisions” of the law.

Fox News initially claimed that the United States Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration law was a “defeat for Obama,” linking to an article from News Corps. wire service, Newscore:

This article no longer appears on Fox Nation, having been replaced by a June 25 Wall Street article that Fox Nation titled “U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Part of Tough Arizona Immigration Law.”

Fox News Latino, by contrast, headlined their report “Supreme Court Strikes Down 3 of 4 Provisions of Arizona Immigration Law.” The article also explained that the Court “left standing...the 'check your papers' provision of the law.” The article included the below image: