Fox Nation Misrepresents Obama Remarks About Navy Seals

Fox Nation posted a highly misleading headline that suggested President Obama insulted Navy SEALS. But the Politico article that Fox Nation linked to clearly shows that Obama was referring to specific military veterans who have run campaign ads against him.

In an August 20 post, Fox Nation highlighted a Politico post under the headline “Obama Takes On Navy SEALS: 'I Don't Take These Folks Too Seriously,' ” suggesting that Obama was attacking all Navy SEALS. But the Politico article notes that Obama was specifically talking about members of a group who have recently run super PAC ads against him.

As Obama correctly noted, one of the groups' founders is a self-described birther, while another of the former SEALs who was featured in the ad was a spokesman for the Tea Party Express. 

Politico ran the story under the following headline:

While Fox Nation posted the article under the headline: