Fox Nation: The GOP's Cheer Squad

If you visited Fox Nation yesterday, you could be forgiven for thinking you had accidentally stumbled across Rick Perry's official campaign website.

Visitors to the site were greeted by this image/headline combo:

Though Fox Nation describes itself as a place for “fair and balanced coverage of the news,” the site has increasingly carved out its role in the Fox News empire as the network's unrestrained id. When they aren't labeling Obama's birthday celebration a “Hip-Hop BBQ” or openly cheering for various conservative “victories,” the Fox Nation team has served as the online PR shop for GOP political ads.

So far this election cycle, Fox Nation has posted fawning headlines promoting a variety of attack ads from GOP presidential candidates and anti-Obama groups.

For example, here's how the site covered Tim Pawlenty's ad last week:

Mitt Romney's June ad targeting Obama over the economy:

A separate June ad by Romney:

Hermain Cain's June ad attacking Obama's leadership:

An April ad by the group The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama:

In July, Fox Nation hyped an ad by Fox News employee Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS group that was “Sure to Make Obama Quake”:

And a separate ad by Rove's group in June:

Shamelessly promoting GOP ads is nothing new for the site. During the 2010 cycle, Fox Nation hyped a “Great Ad by Colorado's Ken Buck,” touted a “Devastating Ad Run Against Barney Frank,” and labeled as “Amazing” the widely-ridiculed ad by failed GOP congressional candidate Rick Barber, wherein Barber held an imaginary strategy meeting with various Founding Fathers and told them to “gather your armies.”