Fox Nation Fearmongers About SEIU “Recruiting Minority Army For Obama”

Fox Nation frequently dabbles in race-baiting, but rarely are they as overt about it as they are with the following “story” that is currently featured on their home page:

Unsurprisingly, the Wall Street Journal article that Fox Nation excerpts and links to does not share the same headline. The article, headlined “Big Union to Step Up Recruiting,” is about how the SEIU is increasing recruiting efforts in various cities around the country in order to “counter political pressure on public-sector unions.”

While WSJ reports that the campaign will focus “mostly” on recruiting “low-wage minority workers,” nowhere does the article mention Obama (or a “Minority Army,” for that matter.) It's focused on the SEIU trying to mobilize people living in cities that “have high concentrations of SEIU members and are in states where governors have proposed cutting benefits to public-sector workers amid worries over pension costs and broader budget woes.”

This is just blatant race-baiting, and based on the reactions from their unhinged commenters, the article has served its intended purpose.