Fox Nation falsely suggests young woman flirted with Obama

Remember when Fox Nation posted a deceptive photo to claim Obama was “checking out” a 17 year old G8 junior delegate even after the claim had been debunked with video evidence? Well they're at it again and this time without Drudge's help.

Fox Nation has posted a headline stating, “Video: Woman Flirts with Obama, 'You're a Hottie with a Smokin' Little Body.'” The photo displayed with the headline shows Obama leaning forward and talking to a young woman:

The link goes to another Fox Nation page containing a video clip with the same photo and a headline claiming the video shows a woman flirting with Obama. The page also states that a woman, Luann Haley, told Obama, “You're a hottie with a smokin' little body” and that “Obama replied to the overture with a hug,” strongly suggesting that the young woman in the video is Haley.

The problem is, the woman in the video is not Luann Haley. The video shows Obama ordering lunch from a young woman who works at Duff's Famous Wings in Buffalo. Luann Haley is reportedly 44 years old and does not appear in the video.

From Fox Nation: