Fox Hosts Repeat Lie That Muslims Aren't Denouncing Terrorists

Fox's Jonah Goldberg: Muslims Should “Say No, These People Are Much Different Than The Rest Of Us. And That's Not The Message That We're Getting”

From the December 10 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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JONAH GOLDBERG: I'd like to go back just to one thing that Andrea was pointing out about this normalization thing, which I think is going on. What I don't understand about that is why mainstream Muslim organizations would want that to be the case, right? Immediately after the shooting in San Bernardino, CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations] organized this very strange press conference, right? Then you had the lawyers come out a little later.

ANDREA TANTAROS (HOST): Which the brother went to by the way, which was bizarre.

GOLDBERG: Yeah, and they're trying to make it seem like this is a normal family. That is not in the interests -- or a normal Muslim family -- that is not in the interests of normal Muslim families in America to say “oh yeah, they are just like every other family. Some of them are jihadis who kill people and some of them aren't.” It should be in the interest of the Muslim community to say no, these people are much different than the rest of us. And that's not the message that we're getting.

TANTAROS: But they don't do that and they don't come out and denounce it and instead we see the terrorists, to your point Melissa, using the rights of this country, the freedoms -- they're hiding behind their religion to get this exception. They're taking advantage of our rights and our good wills and our freedoms to kill us and conduct attacks and we're letting them.


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