Fox Hosts Demand Middle School's Islamic History Course Teach That “They'd Like To Destroy The United States”

Conclusion: Not Teaching “Current Headlines” About Islam Is “Why We Need More School Choice”

From the September 29 edition of Fox's Outnumbered:

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KEITH ABLOW: Well look, I think if they're teaching about every religion in equal fashion, good for them. But I think to not note the current events, and note that Islam has been twisted, some would say - others would say, look, it's right in the Quran - to be a radical movement of jihad that would deny people their rights - that's irresponsible. If you're a school that receives public funding, you should be saying, look, these folks, something has happened, and they're now on the march where they'd like to destroy the United States. How can you leave that out? How can you leave that out? Pull the kids out of those schools if you have to--


ABLOW: Talk about shutting down the government, shut down that school...

KENNEDY: Well you don't necessarily have to shut down schools--


HARRIS FAULKNER: As a journalist, I have the same question that this dad has, and that Dr. A has, too, and that is well, why wouldn't you teach it in the context of the headlines today? For instance, if you were going to talk about Catholicism and Christianity, you would mention that the pope was just here, right?


ABLOW: Sure.

FAULKNER: You would talk about the things that the pope did, that he went in front of the U.S. Congress for the first time for any pope. I mean you would put that within the context of the headlines that are happening today. The headlines that are happening today have to do with radical Islam. So if you're teaching it in the classroom, why wouldn't you also include what are in the headlines? 

ABLOW: It's like leaving out the Holocaust.

ANDREA TANTAROS: If their argument is, we're not going to teach the radical aspect and we're not going to teach current events, why don't you go back and look? You don't need current events. Islam has been radical for centuries. You don't need to look at the current cycle. You can point to examples in history where Islam has been perverted and people have been slaughtered in the name of radical Islam. This isn't a new thing, I'm sorry to do a Fox News alert, it ain't, okay. They've been killing people for hundreds of years, they have sought to destroy the West and anything that interferes with what they believe their interpretation of Islam is. Been going on for centuries. They should be teaching that. They don't have to teach what's going on today.


TANTAROS: Islam has not historically been a religion of peace. Let's just put that out there.

KENNEDY: But it's also a valid question for middle schoolers to say, well how did something that actually seems pretty moderate and normal turn into this? [crosstalk] It's a valid question that deserves an answer.


KENNEDY: And that's why we need more school choice in this country.


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