Fox Host: Trump's Plan To Ban Muslim Immigration Is “Rather Prudent”

Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes praised Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslim immigration to the United States as “rather prudent” and better than having Muslims “blow something up over here.”

Trump sparked widespread condemnation after announcing he “is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on.”

In a December 8 Facebook post, Starnes lashed out at critics of Trump's anti-Muslim plan, writing that “a good many folks across the fruited plain support Mr. Trump's plan” and it's “not all that outrageous. It's rather prudent”:  

But a good many folks across the fruited plain support Mr. Trump's plan. Folks want to do whatever it takes to protect their families from the jihadists.

If you move beyond the toxic politics - what Mr. Trump is suggesting is not all that outrageous. It's rather prudent.

What's wrong with temporarily suspending Muslim immigration from countries harboring Islamic radicals?

Would it not be better to vet them over there - before they blow something up over here?

Unfortunately -- these days politics trumps common sense.

I want you to remember one cold hard reality -- Donald Trump is the product of a leadership vacuum in the Republican Party. So if you want to blame somebody for Mr. Trump's candidacy -- you can blame Establishment Republicans.

Starnes is the perfect audience for Trump's proposal since the right-wing pundit is virulently anti-Muslim. He's suggested the French are at fault for the Paris attacks because they allowed Muslim immigration; said a Muslim should never be president; criticized people who say Islam is “a peaceful religion”; and responded to a question about whether he's anti-Muslim by saying he'll “fellowship with anybody that doesn't want to blow me to smithereens.” (Starnes has repeatedly said Muslims want to blow people up.)