Fox Host Tells Women In Hollywood Experiencing Gender Pay Gap: “Be A Better Negotiator”

Stacey Dash Argues Women Should Figure Out Their “Value” Before Demanding Equal Pay

From the November 10 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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STACEY DASH: There needs to be a demand for more aspirational leading female role. This being said, there also needs to be an understanding of the difference between worth and value. You know, if you become valuable, if you know what your value is, then you're worth more. So that's what you have to figure out.

MELISSA FRANCIS: So you have to demand more, is basically what you're saying?

DASH: Be a better negotiator.


DEAN CAIN: Well it's a weird thing, statistics -- and you know they can paint any picture you want. So they're saying in the entertainment industry, I don't think that means just actors and actresses. But if we're talking just actors and actresses, actresses and actors get paid based on their worth. That's it. 


HARRIS FAULKNER: Can I ask you a real quick question, why does it seem like have women waited years and years? I mean, you know, Sharon Stone, terrific, but my gosh she's had long career. Why didn't she do this sooner?

DASH: She's had a very long career. I think it's courage. I think it's feeling like now there's this whole “women's movement” you know, that's going on, this whole “feminist movement.”


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