Fox host: Serena Williams “sets a bad example for women in sports” by being “emotional on the court”

Elizabeth MacDonald on the 23-time grand slam title champion: “To win, you have to have ice in your veins”

From the September 10 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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ELIZABETH MACDONALD (FOX BUSINESS): To win, you have to have ice in your veins. I would have asked Serena, “is your coach telling you ahead of time that this ump is notoriously tough, does fines and warnings like this, and has been inconsistent in the past?” Have that knowledge in your head, and you're going to go in to win, and you're not going to be emotional on the court. It sets a bad example for women in sports and it's not the way to win.

STUART VARNEY (HOST): It was just a meltdown, a temper meltdown in the middle of the U.S. Open final.


JARED MAX (FOX NEWS HEADLINES CORRESPONDENT): We don't see that in the marks of champions like say -- I don't want to do this and bring up something else, but I've never seen Roger Federer do that.


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