Fox Host Megyn Kelly Flubs Ukraine Flight Limits To Bash Obama Over Israel

Fox News host Megyn Kelly misinformed her audience by claiming that that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not issued a travel ban over Ukraine, in order to bash President Obama over Israel. In fact, the FAA has banned commercial travel over Ukraine since April.

Megyn Kelly Falsely Claims FAA Has Not Limited Flights Over Ukraine

FAA Bans Flights To Israel For 48 Hours Over Safety Concerns Stemming From Israel-Hamas Fighting. On July 22, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a notice prohibiting U.S. airlines from flying to or from Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport for 24 hours after a Hamas-launched rocket landed near the airport. On July 23, the FAA extended the ban for another 24 hours. [Federal Aviation Administration, 7/22/14]

Megyn Kelly: This Ban Exists Despite Lack Of Ban Over Ukraine, Where Airliner Was Shot Down. Fox News host Megyn Kelly claimed that the Obama administration's move represented a victory for Hamas and a boycott of Israel. She fraudulently illustrated her point by drawing a contrast with what she falsely called the administration's failure to issue a similar flight ban over Ukraine when a recent Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down:

KELLY: The ban was extended despite the fact that there is no similar ban in place on flights over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen -- not even one over Ukraine, where a commercial airliner was just shot down. [Fox News, The Kelly File, 7/23/14]

Fact: FAA Has Banned Flights Over Ukraine Since April

Wash. Post: FAA Has Banned Flights In Other Dangerous Areas, Including Where Airliner Was Shot Down Over Ukraine. The Washington Post reported that the FAA has issued flight bans and other flight advisories for many dangerous countries in the world, including over Ukraine after a Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down:

The FAA had already prohibited flight operations over Crimea beginning in April. After Flight 17 was shot down July 17 in a separatist-controlled area of Ukraine, the FAA expanded the prohibited area to encompass the eastern part of the country. [The Washington Post, 7/22/14]