Fox Host Jedediah Bila: “It Doesn't Bother [Clinton] That People Died” In Benghazi

From the June 28 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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HARRIS FAULKNER: So you know what's interesting, Jedediah? You heard from Democrats very early on that Benghazi doesn't maybe matter, but somewhere deep down inside of those polls and those surveys, not being able to trust [Hillary Clinton] keeps coming up. 

JEDEDIAH BILA: Yeah, it's a reflection of her character is the problem. This doesn't bother her. She's willing to say, she is willing to say, “Oh, you know, they're playing political games.” She's willing to let it sit out there that there was no truth. It doesn't bother her that people died. And then let's say she had no ill intent. There was no malicious behavior. You would be out there saying, “Oh my gosh, we messed up, and people lost their lives.” And you would feel compelled to accept responsibility because you would be sick to your stomach putting your head to a pillow at night, but it doesn't bother her. And that's what people are figuring out about her. 

FAULKNER: It's interesting if she would come clean to all of that, if that would actually help her politically or not? 

BILA: She'd look like a human for a change, I'll tell you that. Sorry.


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