Fox Host: “Everything That The President Is Doing Seems To Benefit What ISIS Is Doing”

Jesse Watters: “President Obama Has Helped ISIS Recruit More Than Anybody”

From the November 18 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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JESSE WATTERS:  If the president cared so much about the Syrian refugees, why didn't he stop them from being gassed by Assad? Now to mock Americans who want to protect America? I mean, is Chuck Schumer a coward? And to say that Republican rhetoric is responsible for helping ISIS recruit, I mean President Obama has helped ISIS recruit more than anybody. I mean, this guy let ISIS take over a third of Iraq, he is actually releasing recruits from Gitmo back into the battlefield. This guy has seen ISIS manpower go from seven hundred soldiers in 2008, to about thirty thousand right now. So I don't see President Obama as the big terror warrior here, and I think ISIS, they don't care what Republicans say about Syrian refugees.


ANDREA TANTAROS: Yeah, it's not like they're not angry enough already, Megan, that we're infuriating them. But staying on Jesse's point, because I think it is important one, everything that the president is doing seems to benefit what ISIS is doing.


TANTAROS:  He mentioned Iraq, but there's Libya, there's his Arab Spring. Everything that the president has done from drawing the red line, to as you mentioned releasing Gitmo prisoners, five of which were released on Sunday night, seems to be aiding them. So why is he blaming Republicans?


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