Fox Host Dismisses The Dangers Of Right-Wing Terrorists After Years Of Deadly Attacks

Fox News host Eric Bolling suggested that there haven't been any recent examples of right-wing terrorism in order to downplay a recent Department of Homeland Security report warning of right-wing extremists. In fact, there have been multiple deadly right-wing attacks in the U.S. in recent years, far outpacing other types of extremist attacks.

DHS Releases Report Warning About Threat Of Right-Wing Terror 

DHS Intelligence Report Warns Of Domestic Right-Wing Terror Threat. As reported by CNN, the Department of Homeland Security recently released a report that warned about the terror threat from “right-wing sovereign citizen extremists.” The report described these attackers as people “who believe that they can ignore laws and that their individual rights are under attack”: 

A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism.


While groups like ISIS and al Qaeda garner the most attention, for many local cops, the danger is closer to home.

A survey last year of state and local law enforcement officers listed sovereign citizen terrorists, ahead of foreign Islamists, and domestic militia groups as the top domestic terror threat.

The survey was part of a study produced by the University of Maryland's National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. [CNN, 2/20/15]

Fox Host Questions Whether There Are Any Examples Of Right-Wing Terror In Recent History

The Five's Eric Bolling: “You Can't” Name Examples Of Right-Wing Terrorism “In The Last Seven Years.” During the February 23 edition of Fox News' The Five, co-host Eric Bolling questioned the validity of the DHS report, challenging co-host Juan Williams to name any examples of right-wing terrorism in the last seven years. After Williams said he “won't even get into it,” Bolling replied, “because you can't.” Co-host Greg Gutfeld joined Bolling, claiming liberals can only name two right-wing terrorist events “over four decades.” [Fox News, The Five, 2/23/15]

There Have Been Multiple Deadly Incidents Of Right-Wing Terror In The Last Seven Years 

DHS Report: “24 Violent Sovereign Citizen-Related Attacks Across The U.S. Since 2010.” The Department of Homeland Security report cited multiple violent right-wing incidents since 2010:

The Homeland Security report, produced in coordination with the FBI, counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010.

The government says these are extremists who believe that they can ignore laws and that their individual rights are under attack in routine daily instances such as a traffic stop or being required to obey a court order.

They've lashed out against authority in incidents such as one in 2012, in which a father and son were accused of engaging in a shootout with police in Louisiana, in a confrontation that began with an officer pulling them over for a traffic violation. Two officers were killed and several others wounded in the confrontation. The men were sovereign citizen extremists who claimed police had no authority over them. [CNN, 2/20/15]

New America Foundation: Right-Wing Attacks Have Resulted In 39 Casualties Since 9/11, 38 In Last Seven Years. An analysis from the New America Foundation shows that since the 9/11 attacks, there have been 18 incidents of right-wing attacks resulting in 39 casualties. [New America Foundation, accessed 2/23/15]

Southern Poverty Law Center: Multiple Plots, Conspiracies, And Racist Rampages From Right-Wing Terrorists In The Past Seven Years. In a special report titled “Terror From The Right,” the Southern Poverty Law Center reviewed plots, conspiracies, and rampages from right-wing extremists that have occurred since the Oklahoma City bombing. According to their count, there have been 47 incidents that match that description in the past seven years. [Southern Poverty Law Center, accessed 2/23/15]