Fox Host Cites Radical Islam To Call For Unconstitutional Surveillance Of American Muslims

Andrea Tantaros: “You Do Not Have Freedom Of Speech And Freedom Of Religion When You Are Trying To Destroy Or Go To War With Another Country”

From the October 16 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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ANDREA TANTAROS: The NYPD recently shut down its mosque surveillance program, which if you listen to House Homeland Security Chief Peter King says it's very helpful. And now we learned -- this story didn't get a lot of coverage this week, but this is big, guys -- the court reinstated a lawsuit against the NYPD for Muslim spying citing a quote history of racist scares. This is huge. So now if you're a cop in New York City -- the biggest target as you mentioned, Harris, with a bullseye on our backs -- you're going to think twice about going in and trying to identify not people peacefully practicing their religion. No. People trying to go to war, trying to blow up the United States or an enact a terror account.


We just gave -- and I think we need to ask the question and maybe ask Judge Andrew Napolitano -- did we give de facto First Amendment rights and Fourteenth Amendment rights to radical Islam? Because you have the right to peacefully practice, but you do not have freedom of speech and freedom of religion when you are trying to destroy or go to war with another country.


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