Fox Host Attacks Obama For Supporting The TX Teenager Who Brought A Clock To School

Andrea Tantaros: “What The President Did ... By Elevating This Story ... Is He Basically Got Rid Of 'If You See Something, Say Something'”

Fox co-host Andrea Tantaros criticized President Obama for supporting a Texas teenager who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school after school officials accused the 14-year-old of making a bomb. Following national outcry, President Obama tweeted support for the student, and the president's spokesperson called the situation “a case study in unreasoned prejudice in an era when the country is fighting Islamic terrorism at home and in the Middle East,” according to The New York Times. From the September 17 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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TANTAROS: This story is really -- I mean it has everyone I think scratching their heads. This clock -- does anyone think that it did not look like a dangerous weapon out of a Die Hard movie? What the president did, Sandra, by elevating this story to national attention, is he basically got rid of “if you see something, say something.” The teacher did her job. We have an FBI document out there right now that talks about what to look for. Okay? This is part of it and we've seen terror attacks before. We've seen them use cell phones and innate objects. And look, Ahmed is a smart kid. He's probably going to go to MIT and make a ton of money, but he did a really dumb thing and brought it to school and the president just elevated this to a national issue that doesn't deserve elevating frankly.


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