Fox Guest: Council On American-Islamic Relations Sees Radicalization As Normal Behavior

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: “Things That We May See ... As Radicalization, They Actually May Have Thought Was Just Sort Of Normal Behavior”

From the December 8 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): Don't you think they have an idea though, Doctor? In the case of the wife, I mean, she was talking in Arabic on the phone in the last few months. No one in the household spoke Arabic. Then we heard about the father expressing reservations -- increasingly distant, the son was getting more distant and more obsessed with ISIS, more hateful of Israel and this was getting worse and worse and worse. At what point do they just let authorities know? 

DR. ZUHDI JASSER: Well, that's the issue. Is that, the circle of influence, you saw the Council on American-Islamic Relations was with this family within 30 minutes to a couple hours, having a press conference. An organization that has within it deep antisemitism, deep anti-Americanism as far as our policies and sort of inculcates those first steps of radicalization. So the issue is, is that things that we may see in our conversation as radicalization they actually may have thought was just sort of normal behavior. 


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