Fox Guest Claims Congressman Keith Ellison's “Allegiances Are More To The Islamic Civilization”

Fox Business Grants Platform For Islamophobic Conspiracy Theory Linking American Congressman To Threats Of “Jihad” And “Holy War”

From the November 15 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): The Democrats are trying to figure out who's going to lead their party in the future. And one of the names that has surfaced is Keith Ellison. He's a congressman, and he is way out there on the left. You've got that look on your face that says you've got something to say about Mr. Ellison. Speak.

DAVID RUBIN: Keith Ellison is a Muslim, is a convert to Islam. And he's, yes, a congressman from Minnesota. The problem with Keith Ellison is that Keith Ellison's allegiances are more to the Islamic civilization than Judeo-Christian civilization. When he was sworn in, House Speaker at that time Nancy Pelosi allowed him to swear in on the Quran which speaks -- the Quran is the so-called holy book of Islam -- which speaks of jihad, calls for jihad against all of what they call “the unbelievers,” which means all Jews, all Christians, anyone who is not a Muslim.

That is what jihad means and that is the core of the Quran. I know there's sometimes Islamic spokesmen who you hear on television who will say, “well, Islam doesn't really mean holy war against the unbelievers. Islam means self-reflection, spiritual self-reflection inside.” Well, it's nonsense, kind of like indigestion.

The real meaning of jihad is holy war against all -- against the unbelievers, and you can ask any honest Muslim, and he will tell you that.


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