Fox Guest Calls Out Network For “Editorializing” And “Speculating” On Clinton Email Investigation

Mary Anne Marsh: “Everybody Here, Including People Who Are Involved In This Investigation, Are Prejudicing It By Putting Information Out There That Is Factually Incorrect”

From the April 11 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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ABBY HUNTSMAN (HOST): Even the president admits that this is a serious investigation, it's a serious case, and whenever Hillary Clinton is asked about it, she laughs, she treats it like it is one big joke. So I want to get your response. Do you think that she should take this seriously? Or is her response the right one? 

MARY ANNE MARSH: I think that's editorializing here, which is disappointing, and I think unless -- on your part, and unless Katie's part of this investigation, she is speculating as well. So was it carelessness on the part of those who leaked stories saying there were 147 agents investigating this? Or was that intentional? So, she takes this very seriously. She has offered for months now to meet with James Comey and anybody else about this matter. That has not happened. So I think the fair thing here would be, everyone stops speculating, everybody stop talking about it, and let's see where the facts go. And the fact is, on those emails, they were classified after the fact, after they were sent to a different degree by a different agency, in terms of whether they were top secret, secret, what have you, those are the facts. So, I think when we stick to the facts, the facts lead us to the truth. But instead, everybody here, including people who are involved in this investigation, are prejudicing it by putting information out there that is factually incorrect, not true. What their intentions are, they're bad and it's shame and it's shameful that they've done that.

HUNTSMAN: Mary, just to clarify, not speculation, these are just questions that a lot of people have about a serious investigation going on during a campaign, so I think these are all legitimate questions. 


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