On Fox, Glenn Beck Blames Obama For Paris Attacks

Beck: “All Of The Decisions That The President Has Championed” Led Us To Paris Attacks

From the November 16 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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GLENN BECK: This guy's judgment is off every single time. If I may, let me take you to my chalkboard real quick. You want to trust the president in what he's saying? Okay good, let's look where the president has been in the past. Remember the fruit cart guy that set himself on fire in Tunisia? The president said that was Rosa Parks. Let me show you how we got to Paris. He sets himself on fire. That trips into the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring goes into the collapse of Libya. Because of the collapse of Libya, we have an immigration problem in Spain, Italy and France. The migrants just start going over. We realize that because all these things are collapsing, we know that Syria is on the verge of collapse. We start running guns out of Benghazi into Syria. Because we run guns, we create ISIS. All of these decisions that the president has championed, that causes the refugee crisis in Germany, in France, in all over Europe. And that's how we get to Paris. This guy's wrong every single time. Every time he's wrong. And when he says that we don't have a way to screen them, it's funny Megyn, because we have a way to screen them. We have -- I know you haven't done any research, but I know you're smart enough to figure this one out. How many Christian members of ISIL or ISIS are there?


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