Fox Fails To Disclose Right-Wing Ties Of Obama Critic Ron Hosko

Hosko Claims Obama's Response To Question About Hillary Clinton's Email Use “Erodes Trust In” The FBI

From the October 16 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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RON HOSKO: This is a detailed, labor-intensive investigation. I have no idea how the president could conclude what he did. Certainly [FBI Director] Jim Comey is not down the street briefing him on a regular basis.

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): Ron, does the president weighing in, does that undermine the investigation?

HOSKO: Well, I think it does that in at least two significant ways. One, with the American public. Now, we have -- and unmistakenly there are politics, we are talking about a politician who is involved in this email investigation. So, when the president comes out and makes his pronouncement that suggests this is all a mistake and there's no national security implications, he, in effect, sets the bar. And if the FBI later comes and -- to that same determination that no crime has been committed, there is going to be a segment of the population that says they were told to find exactly what they found, which is nothing. That, I believe, erodes trust in my former organization -- and it's unnecessary -- based on what the president said. The other area that really concerns me is this: [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch works directly for the president. Jim Comey has a 10-year term. By design, he is supposed to be independent. We want an independent FBI.

BOLLING: Sure, sure.

HOSKO: And so in the discussions between FBI agents and federal prosecutors across the street, when those differences of opinion occur, this suggestion by the president interjects that doubt into that conversation, too. Where the FBI is going to look at that prosecutor and wonder whether he or the Department of Justice was influenced by their president.

BOLLING: Exactly, so the FBI reports to the DOJ, DOJ headed by Loretta Lynch, as you point out.


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