Fox Criticizes Beyoncé For Walking Red Carpet With Mothers Of Victims Of Violence

Katie Pavlich: “Beyoncé Is Perpetuating This Myth That Young Black Men Are Being Gunned Down”

From the August 29 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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ERIC BOLLING (HOST): Katie, some are saying it wasn't just gun violence she was pointing out. The fact that she walked the red carpet with mothers of African Americans who were killed by police, she was actually pointing out a Black Lives Matter theory -- hat tip to the Black Lives Matter. 

KATIE PAVLICH: Which she has a history of doing. And can we please stop with this bogus unarmed narrative. One of the mothers who was on the red carpet with Beyoncé, and it's fine that they're there, but her son was Michael Brown, and Michael Brown was killed because he tried to take possession of Officer Darren Wilson's handgun, and that's why he was shot and killed. So let's not act like this is an unarmed conversation. Second, Beyoncé is perpetuating this myth that young black men are being gunned down, hunted in the streets by white police officers. That is not only false, there is Harvard study was released this year by an African American professor showing that police officers actually just as likely to use lethal force on black suspects as they are on white suspects. And for Beyoncé to continue to perpetuate this myth is not only false, but it's also harmful to community policing inside the communities that need the police the most, that are crime-ridden and whose communities have been destroyed by criminals.


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