Fox Correspondent Todd Starnes Defends Linking Marriage Equality With Bestiality

Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes is standing by his anti-gay attacks and his claim that acceptance of marriage equality could lead to legalized bestiality. When challenged by colleague Alan Colmes, Starnes also confirmed he “absolutely” believes that liberals want to “destroy the fabric of the American family,” and linked marriage equality to the spread of venereal disease.  

Starnes, who also appears on Fox News as a “correspondent,” has a history of anti-LGBT commentary and pushing anti-gay causes and hate groups.

During a March 27 appearance on Fox News Radio's The Alan Colmes Show, Starnes doubled down on his anti-gay attacks. Colmes asked Starnes if he -- “a nice, mild mannered guy” -- really believes that “the left's ultimate agenda is to destroy the family.” Starnes replied: “I really do believe that the agenda of the left is trying to destroy the fabric of the American family. I really do. ... I absolutely believe that.”

Starnes went on to link a report about the prevalence of venereal disease in the United States to marriage equality, prompting Colmes to reply: “If you want to cut down on STDs, enable gay marriage. You know that marriage promotes monogamy.” Starnes replied that there's a breakdown in the country's moral compass. When asked if he believed whether it's immoral for gays to get married, Starnes replied, “that's not my call” and said “I'm beginning to be in the minority” about marriage equality. 

Colmes then asked Starnes about his recent tweet that marriage equality could lead to legalized bestiality. Starnes defended his position: “You know it's interesting because the passage of the Bible that people -- that people talk about in regards to, you know, the act of homosexuality, it goes further to talk about that. That men should not lie with beasts. And the women should not do that either. All this kind of stuff. I think the point I was trying to make there is that once you decide, you know what, marriage is not just between a man and a woman anymore, well, why are -- you know, if you open it up, where do you draw the lines? Where do you draw the lines?”

Starnes argued that Christians, and not members of the LGBT community, have become “second-class citizens” in America: “I think there's evidence there to suggest that, yes, Christians, people of faith who oppose gay marriage are, in fact, going to be treated differently in this country. And I think that's a bad thing.”

Starnes' anti-gay attacks are representative of the many offensive, idiotic, and bizarre arguments that conservatives have made against marriage equality.