Fox Correspondent: Democratic Town Hall Meeting Gives Fox News A Chance To “Press” Clinton On Emails

Ed Henry Baselessly Suggests Email Probe Is A “Criminal Investigation”

From the March 7 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (HOST): Some heated words last night. [Hillary] Clinton was unable to avoid the email controversy. How did that come up and which context?

ED HENRY: It's interesting because she was asked a question near the end of this debate last night about some of these developments, with Bryan Pagliano, her former I.T. staffer at the State Department, now cooperating with the Justice Department, and what that means. And interesting, Hillary Clinton didn't really answer, instead pivoted to say the Republicans are attacking her. So you can bet that Bret Baier will have a chance tonight, when we have this town hall forum here at the Gem Theatre in Detroit, to press her a little bit more potentially, as well as Democratic voters who will be in this theater. Yesterday on CBS's Face the Nation, for example, Hillary Clinton said she was delighted by this development of her former staffer cooperating potentially with this criminal investigation. So that is likely to come up.


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