Fox Contributor: “We Gotta Start Profiling ... When People Start Growing That Facial Hair”

Bo Dietl Adds That We Should Profile “Middle-East-Looking Guys” Who Are Suspicious

From the December 14 edition of Fox Business News' Making Money with Charles Payne:

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BO DIETL (CONTRIBUTOR): Well I'm going to say something right now, I know Eric's going to get jumpy on me. You know what, I'm sorry, we gotta start profiling. We gotta start profiling when people act like a terrorist, when people start growing that facial hair, and start growing that facial hair around their chin. And because we know for one thing --

ERIC GUSTER (CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY): Well that's criminal profiling, that's not racial racial profiling, so that's nothing wrong with that.


DIETL: Oh, there's nothing wrong with that?

GUSTER: Nothing wrong with what you just said.

DIETL: You're down for profiling?

GUSTER: With that type of profiling. There's criminal profiling and then there's racial profiling.


DIETL: And when people are acting, when people are acting in their garage at three o'clock in the morning, you see Middle-East-looking guys walk in and out at three o'clock in the morning --

GUSTER: Now, you can't, hold on, you can't just say Middle Eastern guys. That's inappropriate, that is racially profiling, because they're Middle Eastern.


DIETL: But why do they look like -- they grow the facial hair, and you know it for yourself, the ISIS guys cannot shave the beard, if they start --

GUSTER: That type of profiling is inappropriate. But if you see something wrong, you need to report it.


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