Fox Contributor: Undocumented Immigrants “Are A Scourge Upon Our Land”

Fox's Steve Cortes: Only Deporting One Legal DACA Resident Mistakenly Is “A Pretty Darn Good Record” 

From the April 19 edition of Fox News' The Factor

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STEVE CORTES: I have great empathy for these DACA kids, I do, because they had no -- it was not of their own volition.They were brought here by the parents. I have no such sympathy for adults who willfully break the immigration laws. I say this as a Trump partisan, and as a Hispanic, legal immigrants are a treasure to the United States, illegal immigrants are a scourge upon our land. And it's part of why Trump won this recent election and he is delivering on his promise. He is securing the border and illegal crossings are down dramatically, deportations are up dramatically and he has promised to get dangerous illegals out of here immediately. Now in the case of Mr. [Juan Manuel] Montes. The facts are disputed, he will have his day in court. Let's just say he's right, and I happen to believe [The Department of] Homeland Security, but let's say he's right. That would be one person out of 800,000 DACA people that we mistakenly deported. That's a pretty darn good record. 


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