Fox Contributor To Student Protesters: “You Want A Safe Space? Stay In Your Playpen”

Judith Miller: “If You Want To Grow Up, Go Into The Real World And Hear Views That Disagree With You And That You Might Find Offensive, Go To A University”

From the November 13 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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JON SCOTT (HOST): [W]hat is going on on these college campuses? There seems to be a certain intolerance for certain kinds of speech if it's classified in one direction.

JUDITH MILLER: Gee, you think, Jon? Look, I think in the past week we have seen the most extraordinary outbreak of political correctness run amok on the college campuses. And, yes, there were real problems at the University of Missouri that did not stem from racism that was embedded in the institution, but from the management of that institution. It took the media a long time to focus on the shoddy administration. But these privileged students, I mean, all of them who have been protesting, who have been shutting down photographers who want to publicize their protests, who have been yelling at student representatives and administrators who disagree with them, this is just the logical extension of what we've seen and started with the disinvitation to people like Condi Rice, who was the national security adviser and former secretary of state to President Bush. This is political correctness run amok, and it's got to stop. It has really got to stop because universities are supposed to be places of learning. And if we forget that, if we forget that you're supposed to be exposed to ideas with which you disagree or that you might find offensive, fine. You want a safe space? Stay in your playpen. If you want to grow up, go into the real world and hear views that disagree with you and that you might find offensive, go to a university. If they can't do that, they shouldn't even be in business.


MILLER: What we're seeing is the same set of demands from rather privileged people who are African-American, who have been elected as student bodies or who are in their seventh or eighth year and have come from wealthy families? What's going on here? At some point don't ordinary students who want to get an education say, let's stop this?


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