Fox Contributor: Networks Erred In Black Lives Matter Coverage By “Showing Good Racial Manners ... Showing That They Were The Good People”

Bernie Goldberg: “They Are Showing That They Have No Limits To White Liberal Guilt Because Of Slavery”

From the September 1 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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Bill O'REILLY: Now, I understand you wrote a letter to the president of CBS News, David Rhodes.


And what did you say in that letter? 

GOLDBERG: Well, I was watching the evening news, and the lead story was about the deputy sheriff that was shot, and the reporter said that he made controversial comments that were deemed insensitive by some. And I guess the comments that he was referring to was that the police chief brought Black Lives Matter into the discussion at all. And I was waiting, at that point, for them to show that demonstration in Minnesota where the Black Lives Matter people were, in effect, calling for more deaths of police, by this bacon -- you know, fried bacon -- and pigs in a blanket statement. Because that would have given credence to the police chief's remarks, but it never showed up. It was never in the story.

And I did get an answer from the president of CBS News, and I appreciate that very much. And he said who said we tried to keep the story within the Houston community, and we did give the police chief his stay, so we wanted people at home to come to their own conclusion. 

Well, I'm one of the people at home, and my conclusion is that they were showing -- and so was NBC and ABC -- they were all showing their good racial manners, they were showing that they were the good people. And by showing that demonstration in Minnesota where the Black Lives Matter crew was calling for more police deaths would be bad racial manners. And what it comes down to is one sentence -- if you understand this, you understand everything -- there are no limits to white liberal guilt. That's what this is about.

O'REILLY: OK. So, they left it out. And obviously it should have been incorporated in the story because that's what the Houston police chief was referring to, and all three of them left it out. It's amazing the group think that goes on because they didn't consult with one another. They just do it by reflex.

GOLDBERG: That's a good point because it's not just about the media, it's about liberals in general. If you understand how important showing good racial manners are to them, you understand how they cover everything about race in America. They need to show that they're the good guys. And, look, what I'm about to say is going to sound crazy, and I will acknowledge that, but it all goes back to slavery. They are showing that they have no limits to white liberal guilt because of slavery. And it's crazy. We all hate slavery, we all feel terrible about it. But it manifests itself in how they cover race today and how they cover Black Lives Matter. 

 O'REILLY: I know, I know. 


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