Fox Contributor Laments Girls Girls Trying To Join Boy Scouts Because It Violates “Classic American Tradition”

From the November 23 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY: Isn't that group the girl scouts? They're kind of losing this PR campaign right now, because people going, oh, what do they just put on glitter nail polish and eat cookies, and sell them perhaps? 

TONY SAYEGH: Well yeah, and it really makes me think, are we allowed to maintain any sort of classic American tradition in our cultural institutions? You know there is a Boy Scouts, and there is a Girl Scouts, and they're both great organizations. I've been involved with the Boy Scouts myself, Cub Scouts through my children and let me tell you, we go hiking, we've done overnight camping. I don't see why the girl scouts can't do the same thing. In fact on some of our hikes, some of the siblings who are sisters come with us. So it's not as if they're excluded from participating in some of the more diverse activities, but it really does make me think I mean, it makes me sad in a way because we talk about this sometimes with transgender bathrooms. Should we have people able to use the same bathroom. There should be a basic, baseline common sense when it comes to sort of our certain traditional values. I think this is one of those instances. 


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