Fox Contributor Exploits Attacks On Paris To Push Bill O'Reilly's “Kate's Law”

Monica Crowley: Not Enforcing “Kate's Law” In “Sanctuary Cities” After Terror Attacks Is “Suicidal”

From the November 18 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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MONICA CROWLEY: And, again, I bring it back to the terrorism issue. You talked about -- I sat on this set with you months ago, Bill, when you were talking about Kate's Law after her murder in San Francisco, sanctuary city. And you said to me well everybody in congress is going to go for this, it's such a common sense thing that we need." And I said to you months ago no, the Democrats are are going to stop this, and you looked at me like I had three heads. Harry Reid blocked it.

BILL O'REILLY: Harry Reid, he blocked it.

CROWLEY: And the reason why the Democrats block this is because it prevents their leftist agenda from taking effect, okay, which is flood the zone and then deliver the vote to these illegal immigrants. But now that you have a national security wrinkle to this, which frankly we have had since September 11th, the fact that they will not enforce federal immigration law on the border sanctuary cities and frankly enforcing our own sovereignty, a great nation cannot remain so if we don't.


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