Fox Contributor: Democratic National Convention Is An “Anti-Law Enforcement Rally” In Disguise

Richard Grenell: “I Get That We Have Some Problems, But We Should Zero Down And Not Make This A National Story”

From the July 26 edition of Fox News' The Real Story:

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RICHARD GRENELL: Look what they're doing tonight. Tonight is an anti-police, anti-law enforcement rally disguised as “Let's talk about the victims,” and we’re not really going to get into the real information on each individual case of why -- look, police walk into danger every single day. I get that we have some problems, but we should zero down and not make this a national story. We should make this local law enforcement issues, not national memes about anti-police. 

MARTHA MACCALLUM: Could you imagine how powerful it would be if you could get people onstage from both sides of that discussion? Because this entire place is surrounded by state troopers, police officers, secret service. These guys are working so hard, it's a hundred degrees out there, protecting the Democratic National Convention. And on the stage tonight you're going to hear from victims. Now, victims exist in these scenarios --

GRENELL: Absolutely.

MACCALLUM: And we all understand that, wouldn't it be pretty powerful if they had victims up there alongside members of those who are in law enforcement to try to bridge this gap?


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