Fox Contributor Defends Trump's Anti-Muslim Proposals: This Is “The Constitution Versus The Quran”

Monica Crowley: “This Is A Holy War. This Is Essentially The Constitution Versus The Quran On Every Level”

From the December 10 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MONICA CROWLEY: Here is something that [Donald] Trump is really identifying here. He is saying, and he is right about this, we actually have no idea how to fight this war. This is a holy war. This is essentially the Constitution versus the Quran on every level. The Constitution is not built to fight this war. And what Trump is saying is, look, we have to first admit we don't know how to fight this war. And so until we figure this out, let's put a temporary halt on all of this until we can sort things out. That is a commonsense statement. It's not necessarily a policy proposal; it is a commonsense statement that the America people have responded to.


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