Fox Contributor Allen West Featured Speaker At Anti-Obama Group's Benghazi Rally

Fox Publicizes Fringe Group's Benghazi Rally Without Acknowledging West's Involvement

Fox News publicized a Benghazi rally sponsored by a conspiracy theorist group with birther ties without noting Fox contributor Allen West's involvement in the rally. The omission came despite the network airing background footage of West standing behind a podium at the event.

Special Operations Speaks (SOS), an anti-Obama group of Special Operations veterans, was founded by former Navy SEAL and admitted birther Larry Bailey. Among other conspiracy theories, Bailey has touted the notion that President Obama's real father was actually the late communist writer Frank Marshall Davis.

SOS is holding a July 23 rally on Capitol Hill to call on the House of Representatives to convene a select committee investigation into the September 11, 2012, attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya. Fox provided live coverage of the event, which promises to parrot the same Benghazi lies Fox has championed for the last 10 months.

During Happening Now's live feed of the rally, Fox contributor Allen West was seen standing behind a podium. West, who joined the network as a paid contributor in May, is apparently a featured speaker for the SOS rally.

Fox News has devoted significant air time to SOS's request for another Benghazi investigation -- in April, at least four network programs devoted entire segments to hyping SOS's demand. Yet a Fox contributor speaking at the SOS rally takes the network's implicit endorsement of the anti-Obama group's cause to new heights.