Fox Co-Hosts Shout Down Black Host Trying To Explain Why Mizzou Students Felt Marginalized

From the November 10 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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JESSE WATTERS: Tell me what a marginalized student is?

JUAN WILLIAMS: Oh, somebody who feels uncomfortable on campus which is what Butler was talking about.

WATTERS: Uncomfortable on campus? 

JUAN WILLIAMS: I love listening to folks -

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Micro-aggression 


WILLIAMS: - talk about this in a way that just totally ignores a reality that these students really had a degree of discomfort in a learning environment. Now, I --

ERIC BOLLING: Because of two incidences? 

WILLIAMS: Hang on, hang on. Let me just say. 

BOLLING: Two incidences, a swastika and a racial epithet. 

WILLIAMS: I'm just going to try to finish, for just a second. But I think that governor Nixon, Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri -- he said that it was absolutely a good thing that the president stepped down. The head of the Missouri legislature's House Education committee, it was necessary that he step down. Now why - 


JESSE WATTERS: It was the same governor that let them ride in Ferguson, with the National Guard so they could burn stuff. I don't think Nixon's a guy you want to point to.


WILLIAMS: Yes, can we just -- no no, no, let me finish up! 

WATTERS: Alright. Hurry up, Juan.


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