Fox Co-Hosts Criticize Stephen Colbert's Support For Black Lives Matter Movement

Eric Bolling And Jesse Watters Claim Black Lives Matter Objections Are Not Based On Reality

From the November 3 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING: I think Stephen Colbert used to be funny, I'm not sure what happened to him. His numbers are wrong. The numbers don't bear that out. The numbers bear out that at the rate at which African-Americans commit crime, it's commensurate with the amount of times that they end up dead at the hand of a cop. If you take the same rate and apply it to the white people, there are far more white people who are killed at the other end of a cop's gun, but they commit -- 83 percent of the country is white, 13 or 14 percent is black. I mean, the numbers are consistent, cops aren't killing African-Americans at a higher rate than African-Americans are committing crime.

JUAN WILLIAMS: I don't think that's right. I think it's pretty clear that it's disproportionate--

BOLLING: It's right.

WILLIAMS: --to the population.

BOLLING: No, it's not.

WILLIAMS: Here's what I would say --

BOLLING: No, no, it is disproportionate to the population, but the rate of crime is disproportionate as well.

WILLIAMS: Yes, I was going to say if you wanted to talk about crime and especially violent crime, it's disproportionately concentrated in black, and especially poor black neighborhoods.

BOLLING: Exactly. So they're more likely to get killed.

WILLIAMS: But the idea that that would then excuse the use of, you know, homicidal force? I don't think most Americans would be comfortable with that.

JESSE WATTERS: No, Juan, so what Eric's said, and Eric's right exactly. The Washington Post did a study and they analyzed all the fatal shootings by police this year, 2015, and they found that 95 percent, 95 percent were justified. And as Eric said, more whites are killed by police officers than blacks. So this idea that this Back Lives Matter movement is this real movement based on facts, is just not true.


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