Fox Co-Hosts Attack Mark Zuckerberg Over Statement Of Support For The Muslim Community

Melissa Francis: “What Mark Zuckerberg Is Saying Is For PR”

From the December 10 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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SANDRA SMITH: Meantime Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is lending his support to the Muslim community in the wake of the California terror attack. Saying, quote, “If you're a Muslim in this community, as the leader of Facebook, I want you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you.” All right. Jonah, we've been covering this all morning on the Fox Business Network and Mark Zuckerberg is clearly responding, without saying it, to Donald Trump's call for a ban on Muslims to enter this country. Why are we hearing from him on this, but nothing after 14 people were killed in San Bernardino by this couple?

JONAH GOLDBERG: Because the people who were killed didn't need H1B visas to go work at Facebook in Silicon Valley. I'm not so -- look, Zuckerberg is a perfectly fine liberal corporate guy and all that. And he -- you know where his sympathies lie, all those sorts things, and he's playing a politically correct charge. But also Silicon Valley is probably the most pro-immigration, from places like Pakistan and India and all these kinds of things, for H1B Visas, for technical engineering and computer programmers. And they're very sensitive to these kind of things. And since -- look, I think it's perfectly legitimate to take offense at Donald Trump's statements and it's perfectly expectable [sic] that someone like Zuckerberg would say something like this.

SMITH: We know that they're active on social media, Melissa.

MELISSA FRANCIS: You do, and I have to say that when I talk to these guys from Silicon Valley, off the record and not on camera, they say something very different. They say that they do cooperate, that they talk to law enforcement in D.C. That they want to cooperate with them more. That they'd like to be more in the loop. I think that what Mark Zuckerberg is saying is for PR. I think he just says that because he wants, and also the people using the site, to feel secure that he is not turning them over, when I think a lot of them are cooperating more than they say at these social media sites.


FRANCIS: I think he is saying he's sympathetic to Muslims but I think he's really overplaying -- like we're welcoming, we're not worried about this -- when really behind the scenes they are worried and they are cooperating.

ANDREA TANTAROS: That's actually bad PR, I think. Because he is so worried about offending the Muslim community that he forgets the hundreds of millions of other Facebook users that are concerned that jihadists are using a site that they are using, to radicalize Americans and others, and kill. I mean, if I were Zuckerberg I have would added on to statement that Facebook will not tolerate anybody cooperating to -- and there is Supreme Court precedence to this, Holder vs. Humanitarian Law Project. Sandra, the court ruled you cannot support jihadist activities or terrorism under guise of free speech. And Loretta Lynch should be bringing down the letter of the law to these companies, saying if you do this we will come after you with the full force of the U.S. government, and she's not. And it's why liberals like Zuckerberg come out and make stupid statements like that.

HARRIS FAULKNER: And I would think he would capitulate if the government came to him and said I need for you to do a, b, c and d, we got something hot right now. Turn over everything you got. 


FAULKNER: That's what I said, that's exactly what I said, it's a lie. So then he would be lying to those people in the Muslim community saying I would do nothing but give you peace and protection. Yeah, until the government knocks on his door and says we need everything else.


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