Fox Business Invites Islamophobic Bigot Who Bans Muslims From Her Gun Range To Criticize U.S. Resettlement Of Refugees

Guest Jan Morgan Suggests Americans May Need To Use Their “Right To Bear Arms To Defend Life” If U.S. Admits Syrian War Refugees

Fox Business Network invited Jan Morgan, the owner of a gun range in Arkansas that bans Muslim customers, to fearmonger that the Obama administration's plan to accept 10,000 refugees from civil war-torn Syria “is an open door to an enemy invasion.” Calling for Islam to be “reclassified as a terrorist organization,” Morgan suggested that when refugees are admitted into the U.S., Americans may have to use their “right to bear arms to defend life.”

Morgan made national headlines in September 2014 when she banned Muslims from using a gun range she owns in Hot Springs, Arkansas, writing on her website (sic throughout), “why would I hand a loaded gun to a muslim and allow him to shoot lethal weapons next to people his koran commands him to kill?” According to, Morgan “excludes those she believes to be Muslim based on their names,” and has likened the prospect of Muslims using her facilities to allowing a Nazi or a Klu Klux Klan member to use her range. The Department of Justice is reportedly monitoring Morgan's business after receiving complaints of discrimination.

The September 14 broadcast of Fox Business' Intelligence Report with Trish Regan nonetheless invited Morgan on to stoke fears about President Obama's decision to increase the number of refugees displaced by the Syrian civil war who can resettle in the United States. Morgan made a number of conspiratorial and bigoted claims about Muslims to criticize the plan, asserting, “This is not a humanitarian hand that President Obama is extending, it is an open door to an enemy invasion.”

She went on to claim that -- “according to extensive research presented on Fox News” -- “81 percent of mosques in America are advancing or promoting violence” and argued that Islam should be “declassified as a religion and reclassified as a terrorist organization”:

During the segment, host Trish Regan mentioned that Morgan has banned Muslims from her business, but said nothing critical about the policy, instead using it to bolster Morgan's credibility, asking her, “you have to worry about guns getting into the hands of the wrong people, so when you look at the idea of President Obama bringing 10,000 refugees in, many of whom could be extreme Muslims, that worries you, yes?”

Morgan finished her appearance by suggesting that Americans may have to use guns against the refugees: “In America, unlike the other countries who are taking these refugees, I thank God that we have our Second Amendment, and our citizens have a right to bear arms to defend life. So at least we have that edge.”