Fox Business Invites Gun Store Owner Who Banned All Muslims From Her Gun Range To Praise Trump For Adopting Her Idea

Jan Morgan Said Trump Is “Basically Going To Do What I'm Already Doing At My Gun Range”

Fox Business invited gun store owner Jan Morgan to respond to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's call to ban Muslims, including American citizens, from entering the United States. Morgan bragged that Donald Trump is “basically going to do what [she is] already doing at [her] gun range” by banning all Muslims from buying or renting guns. Morgan is known for writing in September that she did not want to “rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands to kill me.” From the December 7 edition of Fox Business' Making Money with Charles Payne:

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JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO (HOST): Joining us right here, Jan Morgan, the gun cave range owner. Jan we'll start with you. You are a wonderful and notorious defender of basic American values. Is this consistent with basic American values stopping people at the border for, by virtue of their religious beliefs?

JAN MORGAN: Well you know Judge, I think it's pretty funny that Donald Trump stood up in front of the world today and said he's basically going to do what I'm already doing at my gun range. He's never been known for being politically correct. We all know that I was the first in the nation to declare my gun range, my shooting range, a Muslim-free zone. Now gun ranges and gun stores in 6 states have followed my lead and are doing the same thing and I think that what Trump meant, me may not always say things exactly the right way, but what he means and he's not saying that all Muslims are terrorists, he's not saying that forever, we're not going to let Muslims in this country. He's just saying , you know, right now we have a problem and until we get a handle on this, for the safety and security of our people, we need to deal with our own internal, home-grown jihad and Islamic terrorism here, before we start opening our doors to let more Islamists into our country, more Muslims into our country. It's kind of hard to determine

NAPOLITANO: And again, painting a stark contrast between himself the President of the United States.


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