Fox Business host attacks Elizabeth Warren for DNA test showing she has Native American heritage: She's “pretending that she is more Native American than she really is”

Right-wing media have long claimed that Warren used made-up ancestry for career advancement. A Boston Globe review found that never happened.

From the October 15 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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ASHLEY WEBSTER (FOX BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT): Maybe six to ten generations back, which would make her 1/32 -- her great-great-grandmother was -- she actually -- her great-great-grandmother put herself down as “white” on historical records, but it's believed she was Native American, and there are traces. But it could go back ten generations, which would make her 1/512th Native American -- 

DAVID ASMAN (HOST, FOX BUSINESS): And that allows her to qualify as a minority. What she did in order to help her job status when she was working for Harvard. You and Ashley are two Brits here -- or two former Brits -- would better qualify as Native Americans than Elizabeth Warren by that definition. So, what is she doing? It's clear that what she was doing was trying to take advantage, trying to play the race card of a sort by pretending that she is more Native American than she really is. It's just extraordinary. 


ANDREW NAPOLITANO (FOX NEWS SENIOR JUDICIAL ANALYST): If she's 1/512th, that would not qualify under any federal program. But 1/32nd will. That is the least amount of any --


NAPOLITANO: -- nationality that would allow you to qualify as being a descendant of that group --

ASMAN: Please. 

NAPOLITANO: That's a federal statue enacted by the Congress. 

VARNEY: Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK, OK.


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