Fox Business Guest Compares Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance To KKK

David Clarke: “Would That Be Acceptable If A Band, A White Band Came Out In Hoods And White Sheets?”

From the February 8 edition of Fox Business' Risk & Reward with Dierdre Bolton:

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JO LING KENT (HOST): Beyonce put out a new video, music video called “Formation,” and it has been interpreted to be pro-Black Lives Matter, and potentially looking at issues inside New Orleans as well. How did you -- there are some sheriffs that reacted poorly to that, they didn't like that, they turned their backs to Beyonce during the Super Bowl halftime show. What was your thought on the matter? 

DAVID CLARKE: Well, I try not to overreact to things, and I don't want to give this thing any more play than it's already getting. Look, musicians have long used their music, their trade to make political statements in their music. We may not like it, but I don't want to make a huge deal about it. Them coming out, Beyonce in those Black Panther-type uniforms, would that be acceptable if a band, a white band came out in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion?  We would be appalled and outraged. The Black Panthers are a subversive hate group in America. I think she could have done a better job, but I think Bruno Mars was a better halftime act anyway. I could have watched him for the entire act.


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