Fox Anchor Asks If We Have Been “Honest” About “The Number Of Sympathizers To The Extreme Islamic Cause” In The US

Zudhi Jasser: “No We Have Not ... We Are At War, Bill”

From the December 10 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (HOST): I'm just curious, coming off of France first of all, do you think we have been honest in admitting the number of sympathizers to the extreme Islamic cause that exists not just in the Middle East, but all throughout Europe, and here at home in the U.S.? Yes or no on that.

ZUDHI JASSER: No, we have not. And the reason we engaged this Muslim reform movement is both sides of the political spectrum, by lumping Islam all as one, have prevented the best tool we have in strategy. We are at war, Bill, and you need, we need in America warriors for ideas of freedom within the Muslim community. And many of us are ready to be those warriors, if we can be enabled to admit that Islamism needs reform against it, we need to separate mosque and state. So we got together and said listen, if you want to operationalize a strategy to counter not just the last militant few days, when they grabbed weapons and put on the soldier's uniform, what about when they're putting on the jerseys and they're cheering on anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism? That's all the milieu of radicalization, that until the west gets in the war and enables moderate Muslims like us to have a seat at the table, we are going to continue to lose miserably to this whack-a-mole bull crap.

HEMMER: So when you hear people like Donald Trump talking about checking Muslims at the door, essentially, as a Muslim yourself, are you offended by that? Is that racist speak?

JASSER: Well, you know what's in his heart, I don't know. I mean obviously we need to put a pause button on all immigration.We're not filtering for jihadist ideology. Our two-page declaration could be used as a center point, for what we should filter against, equality of men and women, the denial of the Islamic State, all inspiration for Islamo-patriotism and violent jihad. But when people like Mr. Trump, or Hillary Clinton speak of Islam as one monolith, whether it be peaceful, or whether it all be militant, we surrender, we surrender the greatest weapon we have against radical Islam, which is Muslims that believe in the secular, national state of liberty and freedom like America, like Europe. And that's why last week, we had our Muslim reform summit, we started the Muslim reform movement. It's bipartisan, it should be embraced by both Hillary and any candidates on the right. It's not a partisan issue. We are for progressive values, and yet the regressive left is all embracing Islamism, and some on the right unfortunately are surrendering the greatest weapon we have in America, which is religious freedom.


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