Fox Analyst Tells Clinton Benghazi Deaths Are “Blood On Your Hands” 

From the June 28 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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HEATHER CHILDERS (HOST): [K.T. McFarland] joins us to talk a little bit more about this remarkable [Benghazi report] news conference today. I want to get your thoughts on it. But let's begin there, with this meeting. That's some new information. It took place about 7:30 and they spent the majority of time talking about this video. 

K.T. MCFARLAND: Here's what really bothers me, is that not only did [Hillary Clinton] lie before, during and after, but while Americans were still under attack, while we'd already lost two and we were going to lose more, what was she busy doing? Not planning a rescue mission. She was busy spinning. I mean that's blood on your hands. How are you not having your first concern the safety of American citizens? 


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