Fox analyst Jack Keane says North Korean denuclearization may take a while “given the Asian culture” 

Keane: “They move slowly -- slower than we do -- dealing with anything. Not just North Korea, but other countries as well.”

From the July 26 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-HOST): [Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo -- I'm sure you watched every minute of that testimony yesterday -- had a big job to do in defending the president's policies and his goals when it comes to North Korea. How did he do? 

JACK KEANE (FOX NEWS SENIOR STRATEGIC ANALYST): I thought it was a stellar performance. I think he is one of the real stars of this administration. The relationship he has with the Congress, the respect he enjoys. Clearly, they were gunning for him over what actually took place between [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the president, to be sure, and he wasn't going to reveal that, and nor did they actually expect him to do that. But I really believe when it comes to North Korea, I think the administration has made an adjustment, Sandra. He talked -- we have to have patient diplomacy. And I think they likely had an expectation that they could get the denuclearization thing done if North Korea is truly committed to it in about two years before -- at least at the end of this administration, and before the next administration. Given the Asian culture and given North Koreans pattern of behavior, it's just going to take longer to do. They move slowly -- slower than we do -- dealing with anything. Not just North Korea, but other countries as well. That decision process will take time, and that's why I think they're kind of lowering the expectations of Americans that this will take longer than what we thought. Without having said that.


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