The Five's Terrorism Solutions: Cut Off Toes, Spy On Muslims, Torture Detainees

Fox News' Eric Bolling: “Empower Our Intel Community To Go Ahead And Do These Things Instead Of Saying Let's Not Offend Muslims”

From the December 15 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD: It boils down to a simple fact that almost anybody can understand: There's no logic in having no last resort, because when all else fails, then what do you do? Do you just go to lunch? Go, well, yeah, we talked to this guy, and he's not telling us anything, so I guess we're done. No, you go digital. You know, you cut off the fingers and toes. You always have to have a last resort -

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: That was so Jack Bauer.

GUTFELD: -- because it's not right. You're not doing your job if you don't have that one last thing you're willing to do. 


ERIC BOLLING: So torture, as Dick Cheney points out, is also having to make the decision to jump to your death on the 85th floor or burn to death from there -- one or the other, you're never going to see your family again. That was the real definition of torture, not the enhanced interrogation methods. 

BECKEL: How about all the information Dick Cheney had showing that that was going to happen? 

BOLLING: Allow me to finish this, Bob. I haven't said a word. Here's where we are right now: We're back to September 12th, 2001, where the day after the towers came down, everyone was on their toes. They were vigilant. They see something, say something, call a cop. And the cops went after, they asked someone taking a picture of a building, “What are you doing? I'm going to confiscate that camera. We're going to see what you're doing.”

We're back to that, because that's the only way we're going to get safe now instead of the PC crap that's going on, with CAIR saying, “Don't listen to our mosques. You don't have a right to.” Really? I think you have probable cause now, especially with what's going on with ISIS saying every wannabe jihadist in America or around the world, in the name of ISIS, is getting in and kill somebody, kill somebody for the hell of it, you can do it alone, you can be a lone wolf. So now is the time we have to go back and embolden and empower our intel community to go and do these things, instead of, ooh, let's not offend Muslims right now. 

GUILFOYLE: Oh and don't offend Iran or China either, because they're not happy with us. 

BECKEL: Excuse me, I'm the last one to be accused of that, number one. And number two, why don't you take some ISIS prisoners -- we've got some. Let's waterboard them. 


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