The Five On Samuel DuBose's Death During A Traffic Stop: “People Have To Realize You Can't Resist Arrest”

From the July 30 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING: It's tough because look, first of all it's a tragedy, I mean, there's another instance where someone had a missing front license plate and ends up dead. If you watch - by the way, body cams, if this doesn't tell you there should be body cams on both sides of the debate. Good cop, bad cop, no matter what, the body cam will end up being the most important piece of evidence in the trial. But everyone is rushing this, prosecutor just said the cop is guilty of murder. He's already indicted him. And I'm not defending this at all. But people have to realize you can't resist arrest. This guy is taking off. I don't think that cop was fearing for his life. So I think he'll probably be found guilty or something, but stop resisting--

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: I hear what you're saying. Saying this is unnecessary. Why put yourself also in danger? 

BOLLING: Exactly. Time and time again. It always comes down to someone getting hurt, getting killed, bad decisions by a cop. But those decisions wouldn't have been made if the perp didn't run away. Can you imagine what society would be like if everyone thought, if I just run away that cop can't chase me? We'd be a lawless society. 

GUILFOYLE: No, it's very difficult. And again, this is all about what's probable cause to pull somebody over, right? And it's front license plate, broken windshield, license and registration, et cetera, et cetera. So, you know they look at the tags on the back of the car. That is a justifiable stop. Just comply, please. Listen. Like don't lose your life because you don't know who's on the other end of it. I mean, it shouldn't be this way. What the officer did was wrong. The jury will decide ultimately though.


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