On The Factor, Sandy Rios Attempts To Justify Anti-LGBT Campaign Against Ellen Degeneres

Bill O'Reilly hosted Fox News contributor Sandy Rios to defend anti-LGBT group One Million Moms and their campaign to get Ellen DeGeneres fired as a spokeswoman for J.C. Penney, with Rios spewing that the campaign is responding to the “alarming ways” that “we are seeing homosexuality so embedded in our culture.”

The New York Times reported:

J.C. Penney Co Inc said on Friday it fully backs its partnership with chat show host Ellen DeGeneres after a conservative group urged the retailer to reconsider hiring DeGeneres as a spokeswoman because she is a lesbian.

A spokeswoman for the retailer declined further comment on the issue but did say in an e-mail to Reuters, “jcpenney stands behind its partnership with Ellen DeGeneres” and added that its announcement of the agreement last week sums up the company's view of the popular TV personality.

The Times further quoted the Million Moms' statement: “Funny that JC Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of their customers are traditional families.”

For his part, O'Reilly accused One Million Moms of conducting a “witch hunt” against DeGeneres. Rios dismissed that accusation, insisting that the group has “a legitimate complaint.”

Rios has previously ranted that "[h]omosexuality has now been mainstreamed and de-stigmatized," compared coverage of birth control to “red China,” and likened teachers' unions to Hamas.

Defending the Million Moms' campaign targeting DeGeneres, Rios argued that the campaign was “not about Ellen DeGeneres,” adding, “but it's about mainstreaming something that is not acceptable to Christian and traditional family people all over the country.” She then criticized DeGeneres for having “chosen to act out her lesbian lifestyle,” and opined that people who believe that children “should not be exposed and propagandized on homosexuality have a moral problem with that.”