EXCLUSIVE: Fox News seeks to confirm wildly inaccurate reporting that it's already aired on Jennings controversy; former student seeks Fox News correction

The following Facebook exchange, obtained exclusively by Media Matters for America, between a FoxNews.com writer Maxim Lott and the student at the center of Fox fueled Jennings controversy can easily be paraphrased as follows:

Now that we've reported your age incorrectly as if it was fact and suggested crimes were committed without a shred of evidence in an effort to smear yet another Obama administration official, we'd like to confirm your age.

For his part, the former student asks Lott for a correction from Fox News stating, “hopefully my birthday should clear up any misunderstandings you and your employers have about my age and I look forward to seeing the correction made.”

On September 30, Lott reported as factdespite significant evidence to the contrary – that the former student was a “15-year-old boy” at the time of the incident in question. On October 1, he finally got around to asking if his report was accurate.

Turns out it wasn't.

So, when will Fox News allocate as much air-time for the correction as they did for the smear?

P.S. Isn't funny how Lott even describes his own reporting as “rumors”?


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